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BBC launches Whatsapp channel for Ebola updates
28 October 2014

The BBC has recently launched an information service on Ebola using Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the biggest chat app in use in West Africa.

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JustGiving introduces SnapDonate for mobile fundraising
28 October 2014

The global donation and fundraising platform JustGiving introduces a new British nonprofit called SnapDonate.

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Health and Fitness (will) dominate Wearables
27 October 2014

Health information is a basic human need. That’s a guarantee for growth and in some cases a lifesaver as well.

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Wearables: Make them gorgeous, or make them invisible
24 October 2014

Wearables. Are they a fashion statement? Are they about status? Or do technology and UX leave their mark in Wearables and IoT?

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