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Apple’s iCloud hack proves 2FA necessity
19 September 2014

The hack of Apple’s iCloud and theft of embarrassing pictures of celebrities yet again proves the need for two-factor authentication (2FA).

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CM uses direct route for traffic into Argentina
18 September 2014

CM recently setup direct operator connections for SMS with DLR’s (Delivery Reports) in Argentina. The South American country is now one of the 40 countries CM has direct operation connections with.

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SMS Pricing, everything you need to know!
3 September 2014

SMS Pricing is one of the most complicated parts to understand when you start with sending SMS. Here is everything you need to know about SMS pricing and how to find the most advantageous SMS gateway that suits your needs.

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Online portal security Turien & Co. leading with SMS verification
26 August 2014

Insurance Broker Turien & Co. implemented SMS verification into their online client portal in June 2014. SMS verification was installed well before a new measure – UM09 – ordered more security for logging in at client portals.

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