Adding new layers to your Security

As concluded by worldwide social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, only one layer of security may no longer be considered safe. So they implemented Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS. One Time Passwords (OTP) by CM provide this extra layer of security for financial transactions, as well as login sessions to enter online portals or digital files.

2FA is based on a combination of your credentials and your mobile phone. After filling out your username and password, CM’s One Time Password solution sends the OTP to the predestined fixed line or mobile phone. This OTP is only usable for a short period of time. This further enhances the security.

How to implement 2FA in your company?

Find out how other companies implemented CM’s One Time Password solution to increase security in transactions and login sessions. This whitepaper explains how banks use OTP to secure their transactions. Healthcare employees use 2FA to safely login to the patient portal through their iPads and iPhones, and Van Dijk increased the use of intranet thanks to OTP via SMS – as their employees can now safely login anywhere, anytime.

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