SMS Gateway & SMS API

Integrate SMS functionality into your company software and a world of communication is unlocked.

CM’s SMS Gateway sends your messages safely, quickly and with laser focus to your customers worldwide - via a simple API that is easy, user friendly and can be set up within a day.

What our customers think of the SMS Gateway::

‘CM is a modern enterprise in the heart of the mobile sector.’
‘A comprehensive range of products. There's something for everyone.’
‘CM is a great partner for our network.’
‘In terms of support, price & connectivity, CM is the best worldwide.’
‘Very good technical support 24/7’

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Simple connection

You can use the SMS Gateway with every platform, every application, and directly from this website via the HTTP API and all with minimal adjustments - to ensure frictionless integration.

Real time

Start sending SMS messages immediately - including reminders, notifications and alerts. Then get instant direct insights with our status reports and real time logging of SMS message delivery.

24/7 Monitoring

CM monitors your SMS traffic 24/7/365 from our in-house Network Operations Centre.

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