JustGiving introduces SnapDonate for mobile fundraising

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JustGiving introduces SnapDonate for mobile fundraising

The global donation and fundraising platform JustGiving introduces a new British nonprofit called SnapDonate.

The app recognizes charities’ logos through a so-called ‘magic lens’, after which smartphone users can choose which amount they are willing to donate. The app works in offline mode as well and doesn’t require QR codes or special websites to visit.

Black hole in fundraising

SnapDonate says “charities, as people carry fewer coins or notes, must quickly find ways to fill in the looming black hole in fundraising. If they fail to enable supporters to donate money on impulse without cash, this could collectively cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum in lost income.”

Not a penny is charged

SnapDonate turns the one asset every charity has – its logo – into a digital fundraising tool and it does so without charging a penny. The app deducts no fees, shows no ads, and stores no personal information about donors. Charities get the benefit of a state-of-the-art app without having to invest in new logo artwork or technological kit.


JustGiving handles all the donations. Charities can use technology to generate funds with just their logo – no modifications required. In the Netherlands, a similar startup is known for making donations to charities easy. The Whydonate app has been live since two years and accelerates donations, especially for small charities. 

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