CM Group acquires Belgian SMS company Paratel

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CM Group acquires Belgian SMS company Paratel

Dutch based SMS and mobile payments specialist CM Group today announces it has entered into a definitive agreement to take over the Belgian SMS and IVR company Paratel in Brussels.

Paratel was a fully owned subsidiary of the VMMa (Vlaamse Media Maatschappij/Flamish Media Company) and develops SMS and IVR services.

CM will integrate all 21 colleagues currently working for Paratel. VMMa continues to obtain services and goods from Paratel/CM, for example the SMS mass voting tool for television programs.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of CM Group: “By taking over Paratel, CM Group continues to lead the consolidation of the SMS market in Belgium and the Netherlands. The foundation for this consolidation was formed between 2007 and 2012 when CM Group acquired several SMS companies in her home markets. We strive to further professionalize the level of knowledge of the SMS market and develop an even more progressive approach towards technology and customer service. The next logical step was to take over Paratel.”

Peter Bossaert, CEO of VMMa: “As a multimedia company we are focusing on our core business. SMS and IVR services are no longer a part of that business. Therefore we decided to sell Paratel. I am pleased to see Paratel is in the hands of CM, a specialist in SMS and IVR services.

Peter Bossaert emphasizes that the agreement is in line with new management vision: VMMa strives to focus radio and television. 

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