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Webcare customer care GIN

Checklist customer care: Are you up to date?

Customer care has changed drastically over the last years. Where customers could traditionally reach customer care departments by calling them, the use of online platforms for customer contact is increasing rapidly. With customer care no longer limited to the call center, it's a challenge for companies to be present on all available platforms. Not to mention to adapt your services to the platform used. Use this checklist to make sure you are fully prepared for online customer care.


CM Telecom: Das erste europäische Unternehmen, welches eine schnelle und kostengünstige SMS-Kommunikation mit China ermöglicht

Sie haben es geschafft: Der 1999 gegründete niederländische Anbieter mobiler Messaging-Dienste CM Telecom hat sich erfolgreich an die Chinesische Firewall angebunden: Mit der Eröffnung einer Niederlassung in Shenzhen und eigenen Servern in Shanghai und Hong Kong können über CM Telecom mobile Nachrichten nach und aus China gesendet werden.

Sports marketing

Mobile is the Super Bowl of marketing

The USA are seizing their activities as all citizens race to the bleachers with buckets of fried chicken and Budweiser. This can only mean one thing: it’s Super Bowl weekend. Over the years, this sports event has evolved into one of the biggest marketing events in America. The role of mobile to engage fans in and around the sports stadium has experienced that same growth. What lessons in mobile marketing can other sports and event marketers learn from the Super Bowl?

Connected systems IoT

Innovations in 2017: Connectivity, connectivity, connectivity

The year 2017 is already well on its way. Companies are evaluating the results of the previous year and are focusing on the new goals for the next. By now, we’ve already seen a lot of lists summing up the latest trends for 2017. But make sure you don’t forget about last year’s trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Even though IoT was a buzzwords last year, the importance of connection and interaction has never been as big as now.

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