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There are no startup or subscription costs for using CM's Messaging Gateway. The only costs you make are those for the Text Messages you send. The costs per bundle are shown below. The price is per Text Message, with global coverage, excluding VAT.

Number of Text Messages Price per Text Message
250 € 0.10
1,000 € 0.09
2,500 € 0.08
10,000 € 0.07
25,000 € 0.06

Technical information

Download the technical documentation to read how to add Text Messaging functionality to an application through our HTTP API (XML). There are three coding examples available: Java, C# and PHP. In order to send Text Messages via the API, you will receive a Product Token by mail after creating an account.

SMS Gateway Direct

SMS traffic




SMS Payment method


1 SMS per second

HTTP/HTTPS protocol

Support during workinghours

BulkSMS Prepaid

Set-up € 0

Monthly € 0

Costs by SMS € 0.06 - € 0.10

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GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe with modern distribution centers which are linked to each other via line hauls. They put great emphasis on sustainability with the Think-Green initiative. The connection with CM’s SMS Gateway for sending text messages provides a substantial contribution to this initiative.


Due to the integration of the SMS Gateway, it’s now possible to send a delivery confirmation message to recipients via SMS. In addition, the pickup location can be easily communicated so the end users knows where and when to collect their package.

Example: “You can collect your GLS-shipment NO.1324567 within 5 working days with your ID at X-location.”

Product info

Support and monitoring
CM is the only online Messaging Gateway with a 24/7 manned Network Operating Center. This means our network and our clients’ services are monitored 24 hours per day from our office in Breda. Our clients can also reach CM 24 hours per day with questions or for product support. Clients who use SMS Gateway Direct can contact CM during business hours for monitoring and support.

Direct connection to the operators
CM is the only online SMS Gateway directly connected to all Dutch operators. CM also has multiple backup connections at the ready for every destination.

CM is the only Messaging Gateway in the Netherlands specialized in global Text Message delivery including countries such as The United States and Brazil.

CM exceeds the highest security requirements and has therefore been chosen as the Text Message vendor for the Dutch government and most Dutch banks.

Technical specifications

Support of different protocols depending on the product package: HTTP, HTTPS, UCP and SMPP.

  • Connect to the SMS Gateway (MT) via HTTP

    HTTP is the most common way to connect to the SMS platform from CM in order to send Text messages through a dedicated application. Following code examples are added : PHP, C # and Java.

  • Receive text messages (MO) via HTTP

    This document is the explanation of how to connect via HTTP with the SMS platform of CM for receiving text messages with a keyword and / or shortcode.

  • Receive status reports

    This document is the explanation of how to receive status reports if you are using an HTTP connection to the SMS platform CM.

  • Sending WAP push messages

    This document is the explanation how WAP push messages can be sent via XML to the WAP Push Gateway of CM.